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Urgent...How to make an organization as multitenant...


    I have an organization called Sales Portal in Salesforce.com. This Sales Portal consists of 5 tabs. Now i want to make this Sales Portal as multi tenant. Can any one please tell me how to make an organization in Salesforce as multitenant.

    Am using Developers Edition.

    Any suggestions are welcome.


Thanks in advance,





Hi Nath,


I'm a little confused when you ask how to make an org multitenant. I think you mean how to make an app in your org (in your case - Sales Portal) available to the larger salesforce community. Correct me if I'm wrong.


If you want to make your custom app (Sales Portal) available, you can do this through the AppExchange. The first thing you'll want to do is create a package that contains all the components of your app. Once complete, you can publish this package to the AppExchange to get reviewed and go live.


Hope that helps,



Hi Sati,
    Thanks for your quick reply.

Actually, I want to offer Sales Portal as a service to two companies comp1 & comp2. Assuming comp1 consists of 100 employees & comp2 consists of 100 employees.

Any employee of these two companies can access Sales Portal.
By supplying Employee-ID and Password as credentials, he/she is allowed to raise a ticket. While raising a ticket, There is no field/dropdownList to mention their company name.

My Qusetion is: For any ticket, how to identify whether it is raised by comp1 employee or comp2 employee?

Please Suggest me a way to identify the company name of the raised ticket.
Also provide any resources to offer an application as a SaaS.
Any suggestions are welcome....

Thanks in adv,