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Pleez respond...

Please answer for the below two questions to save my life:
1. Can anyone please tell me how to enable Multi-tenancy feature for an organization/custom tab in Salesforce?

2. I have an organization called Sales_Portal in Salesforce. Now I want to offer Sales_Portal as a service(i.e. as   a SaaS) to two companies comp1 & comp2. Please guide me a step by step process to achieve this. Also provide necessary resources for offering an application in Salesforce as a SaaS to various customers


Thanks in adv,:smileyhappy:



Please don't cross post the same question to multiple forums. (i have deleted the duplicates).


you would create a package, and comp1 & comp2 would install your Sales Portal package into their Salesforce.com setups. see http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/Packaging

Multi-tenancy is enabled for all Salesforce.com organizations by default. You don't have to install anything.