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Need help on customising SF objects

This is a question about a general HOWTO setup some SF objects we have today.


- We are a software company, and we sell our software (which is built of modules) .  We secure each module with a hardware USB dongle (Aladdin)

- Today, I have 2 custom objects to faciliate this:

1. License

2. Module


For each license I can have many modules, as well as add a module after any period of time. Each module has a version number (according to the released software version).



My main question is: Is there a way to combine our opportuinities with the modules? What I mean, is that when a module is sold, I want that the specific account will get some kind of a +1 indicator for that specific module, and than, I can select any License that is attached to that Account, and make the connection.


I tried to work with Assets, but it didn't lead to anything productive.


Would love to hear some input.





Do you have Modules mapped as 'Products' in your data model?  In other words, when people fill out an Opportunity and add Opportunity Products to the Oppty, are they adding 'Modules'?



Does each Account have only one License or can each Account have more than one License?




1. Each account can have many licenses. - and a license can be moved from account to another.

2. Each license can have many modules (however, they are unique to the license - a license can not have 2 of the same module active at the same time)

3. My modules are NOT set as products, due to the fact that the pricing model is not in a direct relation to the modules.  e.g. There can be a price for module M, however, there can be a price for package Y (which includes 5 modules, and M is one of them )  - and this is only one example - it's a complex pricing/packaging matrx.



Thank you for your support