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Jeff TalbotJeff Talbot 

Can a list view URL include a filter value? (similar to adding "?pv0=" to a report URL)

I'd like to create a custom link on my Account page layout that opens an Opportunity list view, showing all the Opportunities for that Account.


I am able create a custom link that that opens to a Report of all Opportunities for that Account by adding "?pv0=Account ID" to the end of the URL as described in Salesforce Help. Is there a way to mimick this functionality for a list view? I want to take advantage of the inline editing that the list view can offer.


Thanks for any insight!

I don't believe there's any way to do that with a list view.

Is there a way of dynamically sending time horizons to a report?

I suspect pv0 etc is only for field filters?


I think I know the answer, I could set the pv0, pv1 as Open Date/Create Date etc...






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For some date values you should be able to use operators like TODAY, LAST 365 DAYS, etc.  I think.  That URL format is pretty dicey though.

Has anyone managed to find a solution to this?  I would really like to implement similar functionality.