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formula - shorter way to do this?

Currently, I have a workflow field update formula that looks up a picklist value and assigns a value and adds it to a date. It works for items that have assigned values, but I want the formula not to do anything if no value is assigned (ie. return the value of the field I am updating).
To do this right now, i have to get the value, pass it to an IF statement and then the True portion of the statement has to reget the value. Is there a shorter way to re-use the case statement without creating another formula field? See code:
"Use Permit (major)",50,
"Admin. Permit - Land Use (minor)",20,
0) <> 0, 
"Use Permit (major)",50,
"Admin. Permit - Land Use (minor)",20,
0) + Review_Complete__c,

Thanks for your help.
James Wikkerink
Municipal Software
Jeff TalbotJeff Talbot

Just a quick brainstorm here, can't guarantee this will work, but it looks like it should, and it's a few less characters:

IF(ISPICKVAL(MUSW__Type__c,"Use Permit (major)"),Review_Complete__c+50,
IF(ISPICKVAL(MUSW__Type__c,"Admin. Permit - Land Use (minor)"), Review_Complete__c+20,