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Remove triggers created with Eclipse

How do I remove triggers created with Eclipse? I delete them from Eclipse but they are still on the Salesforce instance.
I have reverted to removing the content from the triggers so they don't do anything, but they are still there firing.

I just tested deleting a trigger on my installation and when I right click on a trigger and click Delete the trigger is automatically removed from Salesforce. I use Eclipse 3.3.1 and Apex Toolkit for Eclipse 8.1.0.

Can you please describe your configuration and tell me if you see anything in the Problems tab when you try to delete a trigger? What do you see when you synchronize with Salesforce?

Have you tried removing triggers using the UI? Is that failing, too? If yes the UI might give you more details about the error.

Nikola Banovic
Senior Software Developer
American Data Company


Hi nikola,

I have the same setup.

I am able to delete them from my Eclipse enviornment, but they remain on my Salesforce instance.

Where can I delete them from the Salesfoce UI? I looked for them there but was unable to find them. I can find my classes by looking under code, but don't know where the triggers are.