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How to export leads into Excel w/out using a report

    I'm very new to SalesForce and am trying to figure out to export leads from the leads section into Excel, without using a report.  I want to create a mailing list from our leads in certain cities and can get those into a lead view, but then can't figure out if it's possible to export into Excel from there.  There is not a Lead Report that gives me the option of collecting address information. 

any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!
    Thank you for your quick response.  Everything I've read about Excel Connector states that it's primarily used for importing information from Excel into Salesforce.  I wanted to the reverse.  I want to export our leads into an Excel file.  Will it also do this?
Yes, it can do both.
hi there,
why would you not want to create a report? you can create a new custom report in the reports tab, use the lead object, and pull the neccessary data. it's much more user friendly than the excel connector.