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Updating Contact LastMOdifiedDate

I did good progress exchanging data via Soap with sforce.

I noticed that it is not possible to overwrite the contact's LastModifiedDate when I try to update the record.

I basically want the LastModifiedDate to be the date that I updated the contact's record in our system which is different than last updated date in sforce so that sforce is in sync with ours.

Is this a limitation with sforce ? Did anyone else try doing this ?

My sql is quite simple: UPDATE contact set LastModifiedDate=2005-12-16 09:50:23 WHERE Id=2344

Possible in Winter '06 API 7.0, coming shortly, after you contact saleforce.com to activate the feature.
It's actually going to be support on insert only, not update. But you could delete, then insert, althoght that's not really efficient.

We'll support update of these fields in a future release.