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User lookup only shows Active Users

We want to add non-Salesforce users into the Users table as Inactive users so that we have a complete list of people in the company in a single location.

We also have some custom fields that have lookups to the user table. However, the lookups only show Active users. Is there a way to make this lookup show Inactive users as well? Or will this require making a custom object called "Employees" or something like that and mimicing the User list?
In our organization I have created a company account and added all of our employees to that account as contacts. This allows me to use the full functionality of mass email, cases, and many other features when dealing with internal contacts. On the user account page I've created a link to the contact and vice versa as well. One point about using this method is that you will need be certain to train your users when to use the associates 'contact' record and when to use their 'user' record.

Thats a good tip Tim.

Its an interesting issue; perhaps we should allow you to reference inactive users to make building internal facing apps/processes easier.

I would also like to be able to add inactive users using a lookup field in the opportunity.


We have many historic sales and when that original sales person leaves the company we change the opportunity owner over to the new person running that territory.  We would like to track the person who actually sold the product in the first place, but since they are now inactive we cannot use a lookup field to maintain this info.  I'd really like to avoid creating a picklist of SalesPeople since I would have to be updating it constantly.


Surely we are not the only company facing this issue as well?



Rick UptonRick Upton
Vote for this idea: ability to search an inactive user in user lookups (https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000Bqn4)