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Activating an Inactive Picklist Value - Opportunity.Stage

Is it possible to activate an inactive picklist value? This is specifically regarding the Opportunity object and the Stage picklist field. We have a Stage in the inactive list that needs to be changed to active, but that list only allows you to View or Delete. If I can't activate it, it looks like my only option would be to delete it from the inactive list and add it back as an active stage. I'm concerned that I might lose any history of that stage when I delete it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks -
Hi ECCLisa,

Looks like you will need to do a bit of a juggling act. Assume I have an active stage called stage1. Several opps are still assigned stage1 and I delete (de-activate it). I now have a stage1 that cannot be reactivated. If I want to "re-activate" it, I would create a new stage with the same percent and other properties as my inactive stage1. Then, I would delete my inactive stage1 and, during this process, I will be asked to replace any opps that are stage1 with another stage. I would select stage2. Now my stage1 is deleted and all the previous stage1's are now stage2's.

Now I can recreate my stage1 as an active stage. The final step is to delete stage2 and when prompted replace it with stage1. Stage2 will be truly deleted and stage1 will now be active again.

Kind of a pain, but it can be done.
Thank you for the creative solution! It worked!

This still stands. It's terrible. 

Gareth WalkerGareth Walker
This still stands and is still terrible!