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How to build a custom URL so I can pop a broswer with a case number

I have a java applet that can push a URL to a browser. I've collected the Case number 00001000 via the telephone and now I'm trying to figure out how to build a URL that will display it on the salesforce.com page.

I noticed on the Custome link page the sample custom link "https://na1.salesforce.com/opp/oppedit.jsp?accid={!Account_ID}&opp3=Up-sell+/+Cross-sell&opp5=Existing+Customer&opp6=Customer+Support"

refers to a '/opp/oppedit.jsp'

If I could find the equivilent for a case I would have what I'm looking for

This is my first post and I did do a search of the archives prior to posting this.


You can display the detail of just about any record by using https://***.salesforce.com/secur/frontdoor.jsp, where the *** is the actual instance of salesforce.com for the account. Frontdoor.jsp takes 2 parameters, sid which is a valid session id and retURL which is the url to the actual record. Your applet will need to authenticate to salesforce.com to obtain a valid session is. You will then need to execute a query to retrieve the id of the case that corresponds to the case number from the ivr system. You can then build a url that would look similar to the one shown below to display the record in the browser.


To go to the edit page change the retURL to &retURL=/500300000008G1X/e
Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunatly the applet can't do anything more than push a URL.

Well since the IVR had to make sure a vaid case was entered, I suppose it could obtain the case number for the case ID and pass that along instead so I won't have to look it up twice.

I suppose I could go to a URL on my server to a page I write, passing it the case number, obtain the sid, build the new URL and display it. Does that make sense?

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Mike ShawalukMike Shawaluk
[Edit - I now see that you have the case NUMBER and not the record ID. Sorry about that...]

Maybe I am being dense, but can't you just go to the following URL?


If you're not logged in, the system will prompt for login credentials first, then it will redirect you to the case detail page. Note that {case_ID} is the 15 or 18 character record ID of the case in question.

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This is for a call center. Can't have the agent have to log in everytime a customer case pops when the phone rings.