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How do I "enable outlook integratin for my organization" ?

Help says:
Who can use Outlook Edition?
Outlook Edition is available to all users of all Salesforce Editions. Note that access to use Outlook Edition is set at an organization level. Administrators cannot enable Outlook Edition for some users and not others.

I can't find the location to enable/disable this feature.
Where is it?

Am I missing something?

This is on a developer account.
If developer/administrator can't validate/verify the feature we can't recommended to our users.
outlook integration is not supported with developer organizations.
AFAIK, that's wrong, can you tell me where in the help it says that, i couldn't find it.
Or from help, just search for "outlook". It was the first and second entry.

As a follow up.. On a full Professional account. I still can't find where an administrator can enable/disable this feature for the organization.
I believe that part of the doc is wrong, there is no setting to turn it on/off, i'll follow up with the relevant people to get it fixed.

if you have Profesional edition, it should appear for all your users under setup -> desktop integration -> outlook edition