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Standard vs custom applications



I read at some documentation that in Force.com, there are two types of applications: pre-built, standard apps that can be customizable and custom app. I can't find that documentation and I was wondering if this is true. I know we can create custom application in Force.com. Is there a link that provides the list of standard applications provided by Force.com?


Thanks a bunch in advance for your kind response!

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In my opinion, documentation on applicaton types is not available.There are two types of applications 1. Standard CRM applications and 2. Custom Applications.


Standard CRM applications are the applications which are provided by the salesforce.com e.g. Sales, Marketing, Service & Support.


Custom applications are a logical grouping of tabs. Administrators can customize the standard applications provided by salesforce.com or build their own on-demand applications by grouping standard and custom tabs in to new custom applications. You can get your custom applications developed or can download pre-build custom applications from the AppExchange, a website owned and operated by salesforce.com.


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