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Enhanced lookup filters not returning correct results

I created an enhanced lookup filter for contacts, so that when a case is created only the contacts for the account selected are displayed.  In this example, the account has 20 contacts, but when the lookup is executed from the case screen, only 2 results are returned.  I talked to another user in another company who was only getting one result.  Is there a bug with this feature?


Here is the filter criteria:


Contact Name: Account Name ID equalsCase: Account Name ID


Thanks in advance for any assistance!


Hi debiken,


we are facing similar issues with the new enhanced lookup filter. We have a filter on a custom Contact Lookup in the Case record.











Account and Contact are set to Public Read/Write.


During Case creation we select a contact A which is related to account B. The Case account is also automatically set to Account B (salesforce standard). Still during initial Case creation we want to select in the mentioned lookup filter (Alternate Contact) another contact of account B. But we cannot select other contacts of Account B. Only contacts of other accounts are selectable... This is the problem.


After saving of the Case record the lookup filter works as expected.


Can someone check the problem. The problem is not reproducible if you are a System Administrator. I think it is tied to the salesforce standard feature which automatically sets the case account based on the contact selected. But this is just an assumption.