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Converting a date format for use in Clicktools

I hope everyone's week is starting off well this Monday morning! 


I need help converting a date from MM/DD/YYY format to YYYY-DD-MM format.  Is there a way this can be accomplished with a formula field?


A little background on why I am asking, I am creating a call script using Clicktools.  The date format required by Clicktools is YYYY-DD-MM but the date format being passed from SF is MM/DD/YYY.  I have tried numerous formulas and they all result in errors.


Please help!  I am banging my head against the wall! This is day 2 of me trying to figure this out.


Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.



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TEXT(YEAR( Contract_End_Date__c ))&"-"&TEXT(MONTH(Contract_End_Date__c))&"-"&TEXT(DAY(Contract_End_Date__c))

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Create Formula field of type Text and use LEFT, MID & RIGHT functions and concatenate them.


I think that is the ONLY way I haven't tried to do it....LOL!


I will try that and let you know if it works.




Ok, here is what I have accomplished so far......


I have created 2 formula fields one to convert the date field to text...... Contract End Date- Clicktools Conversion - TEXT(Available__c)


and another to attempt to get the date into the proper format .....Contract_End_Date_Format_for_Clicktools -  LEFT( Contract_End_Date_Clicktools_Conversion__c , 2)  &   MID( Contract_End_Date_Clicktools_Conversion__c , 1, 2)   &  RIGHT( Contract_End_Date_Clicktools_Conversion__c , 4)


I have a date 10/15/2010 after applying both of these formula fields this is the result I am getting....  20200-15 .....not the results I am looking for.... I need this date to be in the following format......   YYYY-DD-MM


I am almost there....so what am I doing wrong, please help!  Thanks, everyone!


TEXT(YEAR( Contract_End_Date__c ))&"-"&TEXT(MONTH(Contract_End_Date__c))&"-"&TEXT(DAY(Contract_End_Date__c))

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Yay! I have beat my head against the wall for 2 days trying to figure this one out.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  You have made my week!  :)


Hi guys


This thread is quite old but hoping someone might be able to help as I am trying to do something similar.


Need to get a date field mapped in to Clicktools from Salesforce, and likewise map back if changed.


I want it to go between date fields, rather than one end being a text field.


Any ideas?


Thank you in advance!