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Integrate OBIEE with SFDC



We want to integrate OBIEE with SFDC, I want to understand how this can be done.


I have following options in mind, let me know your thoughts on this:


1. Create a channel to pump SFDC data in local database and then use ETL tool to massage this data and then use this in OBIEE

2. Use ETL tool to extract/transform and load data to local datawarehouse and source this massaged data into OBIEE

3. Connect directly to SFDC from OBIEE.


Of course I prefer 1st method, as in 2nd method I'll have to worry about commit/rollback as I am not sure about ETL tools capabilities to hold transactions over n/w for large data (will it be large). As for 3rd method, if OBIEE were to fire query across n/w it would have considerable performance hit.


Very important thing here would be to understand SFDC schema itself. If somebody could point me to easy tutorial to understand SFDC schema it would be great.


Thanks in advance, looking fwd for answers

Ganesh (newbie to SFDC)


Hi Ganesh,

   I would suggest you to use combination of approach 1 & 2:

Use ETL tool to Source data from SFDC and land it in a oracle database and subsequenty you can write another ETL to perform complex transformation and load it in your reporting environment.



1. Reporting will be fast
2. Pull incremental data daily night (less load time)
3. Only selective columns can be used for reporting (need not land all the columns from SFDC)


1. One day old data will be available for reporting
2. ETL support and development time.

I am not sure if OBIEE support connectivity with SFDC directly for reporting purpose, even if they do, reporting will be very slow due to obvious reasons.

Let me know if you have any questions.



I would rather go with approach 2 as overall method of maintaing interfaces in the integration engine. The benefit would be the business rules could be applied as templates or modified as and when necessary.


 If you are concerned about SLA, then using outbound messaging with a web-service HUB would do it. PowerCenter (INFA) provides those capabilities and If I am not wrong OBIEE ships INFA except that you would need additional license for SFDC.





I Am trying to integrate OBIEE with sales force ...if any one would have done plz suggest how to integrate. we would like to see a OBIEE report in Sales force ...

I have written a tutorial on integrating Salesforce with OBIEE and am happy to help with your project.