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Jim BoudreauxJim Boudreaux 

Building a Game on the Force.com Platform

I have been working on the Force.com for some time now and one thing that really helps me learn the platform is pushing the envelope and seeing where it tears. To this end I have decided to build a game on it.

Not anything fancy, like a first person shooter, just a turn based strategy game, like Risk.

Or more accurately, like Outreach.

Most of those old board games were little more than databases anyway, so I figured this would be an easy project. In fact the hardest part I anticipated was creating a hex map in CSS, but that turned out to be a two hour chore.

Ergo i anticipate smooth sailing from here on out. I am posting this here for anyone interested in following my progress as i take the Force.com platform that, to the best of my knowledge, it hasn't gone before, and also for anyone interested in helping me beta test the game when I am done.




Hi Jim,


I am new to the platform. But, wouldn't mind working with you on this.

Feel free to share more details on emoti01 (at) yahoo (dot) com.




A couple games were submitted for the Sites competition last summer. Will be interested to see what you come up with.

Jim BoudreauxJim Boudreaux

Really? I would like to see what they came up with.


Wow.. blast from the past...


I playtested Outreach at SPI headquarters back in 1977 (or so) and I'm sure I still have an original of the game in some boxes in the basement!


Best of luck with the project!  :-)  Steve.

Jim BoudreauxJim Boudreaux

Sweet! Outreach gave my brother, my father and I years of enjoyment. Love it. My brother currently has the game, but my hope is to be able to play it on the force.com platform without the limits imposed by geography.


Couldn't find the original thread but there is this honorable mention:




I was a sophomore high school kid back then so I don't think they took my playtesting notes all that seriously :-)   ( I remember playtesting Air War as well and suggesting this 12-direction movement system which I think they actually used instead of just the normal six.)


In this thread however, have you ever head of Warp War from Steve Jackson Games?  It was one of his "Microgames" series: http://maverick.brainiac.com/cmm/mic.html  (down a bit on the page).


It's a simpler space war game with, I think some similarities to Outreach without some of complexity.  Might be easier to capture in Force.com and still was a fun, playable game.    Now Melee/Wizard would be a lot of fun!  :-) 


Or even SET! 


Best, Steve.

Jim BoudreauxJim Boudreaux

Hmmm... Air War. That reminds me of a dogfighting game my uncle had where you not only moved on a hex map but kept track of your position in the Z axis. That was a fun game, even if it did involve a little trigonometry.

And of course who could forget the good old, Star Trek Battle Simulator. Many an afternoon was spent on that game in my youth...

Jim BoudreauxJim Boudreaux

Ok, so it's been a while, but I've managed to tinker around with the game some more. Here is a Site I made for the little Proof-of-Concept map I threw together:




Assuming I don't break it in the meantime, you should be able to click a hex and use the hex editor to change the terrain type. This is an interface for editing a map.


I am currently working on the movement engine, so stay tuned for that.

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