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Creating a new task and making due date equal todays date

Happy Friday everyone!


I am using Clicktools to create a call script when a contact is called.  There are various bits of information that I am capturing and passing into SF.  I also want to create a new task , mark it as "completed" and give it a due date of today's date (Effectively "Log a Call").  The issue I am facing is that in SF, you cannot use a Task due date in a workflow rule or in a formula field.  Has anyone out there faced similar issue and been able to successfully resolve it?


Any advice offered is greatly appreciated.


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For us, our issue was that many of our scheduled tasks had a due date in the future and when completed early, were being misrecorded in our activity reports (Activities completed today was not showing those with Due Date > TODAY).


We decided to leave the Date field alone and treat it only as a Due Date and not as a completed date. We created a custom field called Completed Date and built a workflow rule that autopopulates it with TODAY() when the Status becomes Completed.


Hope this helps.


Thank you for the information!  I don't think this will help me though....that is because another issue I have is that the Activity History List sorts by the Due Date with the most recent date being at the top, users do not want to have to open the Activity History list and then scroll to the bottom to see the last recorded activity.


Is there a way I can change the way the Activity History List displays? For instance can I sort it in descending order based on the Last Modified Date?




Surprisingly there is not a way to sort them like there is for example Opportunities related to an Account.  I do not get it but its just one of the many things I think should be a no brainer, yet Salesforce is missing.


What you can do though is to edit and add a field such as Completed Date or Last Modified Date to the Related List so at least its visible to your users. Then all they need to do is click the "Go to List" hyperlink on Activity History and click the column names to sort them ascending or descending.


That is a great idea, but my users will not go for that at all......it has to be staring them in the face or they don't want it. :S  They do not want to have to click on anything.  Oh well, thanks for trying.

I appreciate your help.  I will run it by them and see what they say.

Thanks again, have a great weekend.


I think if you polled most of those like us that admin Salesforce, you would find that the standard level users will complain about ANYTHING that requires them to push a key or click a button. If they want to see it in that order, thats what they need to do. I feel your pain though.


Feel free to check IdeaExchange for an Idea that touches on this capability and vote for it and if you find it, link it here. If there isnt one, post one and link it here for people to vote on.


I will do that!  Thank you so much!