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Regarding specific server instance urls due to upcoming changes to EU0 Service


A stupid question probably and probably in the wrong place too, but I need to be certain.


Regarding the email that was sent to System administrators "Action Required: Upcoming Changes to your EU0 Service".


One bullet point says avoiding hard coding integrations to specific server instance URLs (for example na6.salesforce.com).


I assume these will still be ok?

- www.salesforce.com

- emea.salesforce.com

- test.salesforce.com


Thanks / Niklas


did you find any answer. if you have please let me know what all i need to check and change in code or settings.

thank you


www.salesforce.com, login.salesforce.com and test.salesforce.com are ok, but emea.salesforce.com is not.


what we need to do with emea.salesforce.com . what all will effect with this.

please let me know...

thank you



Hi Simon,

 Can you please tell what all i need to check for emea.salesforce.com .

Any changes i need to make ,so there is no issues with users.

Please let me know..

waiting for your reply.

thank you,



You (or your admin) should of gotten an email with all the details. Where possible you should be using relative URLS (e.g. /home/home.jsp instead of https://emea.salesforce.com/home/home.jsp), and where you can't, you should get the URL from the system using merge fields etc.


thank you.