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I see that this Forum is the best place to learn about salesforce (IMHO better than docs and premier support). My suggestion to further improve the platform would be for all experts here to give more details (even though its not what the query is about) about how the platform does what it does (whenever you have time)... for example one message I remember off the top of my head, told about how sControls are viewed by the platform --- I feel this is the best way to learn how to program on a closed-source environment.
There are a number of articles containing this kind of content on the Developer Force wiki:

http://wiki.apexdevnet.com/index.php/DeveloperCoreResources (link)

i have gone through most of them ... the articles are not really thorough in the sense that they do not make it a point to attempt at explaining the underlying interaction. they mostly pertain to usage of the particular method or feature. this is only in reference with salesforce specific OR crm specific working.
the intent of my thread was rather, for anyone replying to a thread to let others know of basically how stuff works ... rather than SF as a means to an end. again, this is only a suggestion as not many know the platform as the back of their hands.