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Metadata API and Installed Package Bug

I am working on a tool that will automatically update some page layouts. Some of the layouts are on standard objects and others are installed from a managed package. I can make the changes just fine and re-deploy for the standard layouts, however, I'm seeing something very strange when trying to update managed object layouts. Here's what I'm doing (from Java, if that makes any difference).

1. Retrieve the managed package meta-data by name (in files)
2. Retrieve the unpackaged page layouts only (also in files)
3. Parse through the layouts, making changes to the ones I need to (adding fields, moving fields, etc)
4. Copy the changed files to a new directory to be zipped and deployed
5. Create a new package.xml with just the changed items listed
6. Deploy the changed set

The only way I could get SF to accept the change to the packaged layout is by adding the package namespace to all the components:

1. Layout file name goes from "CustObject__c-Custom Layout.layout" to "ns__CustObject__c-cv__Custom Layout.layout"
2. Prepend each custom field and button name in the layout with namespace
3. Update package.xml to reflect new member name (same as above, without the .layout suffix)

When all this is done and the changeset is deployed, the layout is in fact updated with the changes. HOWEVER, the name of the layout (which is not editable through the UI) is changed to have the namespace prefix. See screenshot below...

This seems like a major bug. I'm sure this would cause a problem when upgrading the package, and it also violates SF's restriction on double underscores in the name of anything.

Anyone have any ideas on how to correctly deploy changes to managed-installed layouts?

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Bill EidsonBill Eidson
  CGoss -

  The namespace-prefixed names in deploy (and retrieve) are there when not in the context of a package (where they are omitted) -- this is consistent with what you described.  Feel free to contact me if you have some questions around this or how your tool should deal with packages.
  The layout name change <is> a bug and will be fixed shortly in an upcoming release.


  - Bill


Can you please provide the sample code for creating pagelayouts and mapping fields to it from Java.

I am able to view required fields in the standard page layout. But not required fields are not visible

Thanks in advance



I'm not actually creating any layouts. I just retrieve the existing layouts, parse through the XML and inject new fields where needed.

The required/readonly/editable state of a field is set in the 'behavior' tag. It's values are Edit, Readonly, or Required.
Thanks cgoss.. actually i want to add some fields into page layout and i am using java code for this. only required fileds are coming..

Ah, I misstated the behavior property for editable (should be "Edit" )- here's the XML of a field element that I'm inserting.



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