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Insufficient Privileges on Record Delete from Low User Account


I have used Custom Object and I have Del link in it's Detail List View

and I have Provide each type of security sharing and provide full privileges to Low user

but when i click on del link then record does not delete and give this error

So can anyone help to solve this Problem :(

Message Edited by GauravKumar on 01-20-2009 04:40 AM
There is no public delete privilege.  Deleting records is reserved for those with teh modify all data priv, users higher in the role hierarchy, or the record owner.

Spring 09 will introduce per-object granular security controls, which will allow you to do this.

I'm going to guess that the record your trying to delete is owned by another user that is not beneath you in the role hierarchy?

Yes you are right
now what should i do  ?

Did you check the profile to ensure that this user's profile actually has Delete privileges on this object?  That would be the first place I'd look.
Yes I have provide all privileges to low User

I feel your pain as I have the same problem in my org.  The only workaround that I know of is to grant the user the "Modify all data" priviledge.  Spring 09 will give you a method to grant just delete access to an object.


Check out the support article Sharing Considerations --> Deleting Records:

Deleting Records

  • The ability to delete individual records is controlled by administrators, the record owner, users in a role hierarchy above the record owner, and any user that has been granted "Full Access."
  • If the sharing model is set to Public Read/Write/Transfer for cases or leads or Public Full Access for campaigns, any user can delete those types of records.



If the object is a case/lead then you can set public read/write/transfer- other standard objects do not have this option.