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Email Object Attachment???

Here is the scenario: You create a opportunity. You attach some files to that opportunity via the “Notes & Attachments” related list. You decide you have to email one of these files to a recipient and you want to use the “Send An Email” button on the Activity History related list, so you click the button. Next you try to attach a file that was just previously uploaded as an attachment to the opportunity, so you click the “Attach File” button.

Problem: The Attach File lookup window only supports Documents.  Attached files cannot be found.

Can this be fixed via something simple like a setting or an AppExchange package?  I can’t believe you can’t do this by default.  I looked at the schema and the Document object is about identical to the Attachment object… so what gives?

If I have to write some APEX or Visual Force to get around this, that is fine… but I’m looking for thoughts and ideas on how best to get this solved.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.


We had the same issue at our org. If the sales rep uploaded an attachment to a file using notes and attachments, it couldn't be e-mailed. If they saved to document area the document wasn't linked to the opportunity by anything but could be e-mailed and tagged to make it easier to find. We disabled the notes & attachments area which forced everone to at least use documents (which are e-mailable, so that worked as a band-aid solution). 


We are looking into a forced use of Content now as Document tab attachments aren't accessible to anyone but the user (there doesn't appear to be any way to make them public or to even assign viewing privileges). It has irritated us greatly that thus far there does not appear to be an obvious way to transfer documents directly from Notes & Attachments or Documents into Content w/o custom code.


It baffles me as to why there are so many places to put documents in SF and none of them seem to be cross-compatible with eachother.


I'm not quite sure I understand what you are getting at in the second paragraph, but I'm just working up some code now that will allow the user to click on a "Email Attachment" button that will take them to a Visual Force page which will allow them to select which attachments to send and then take them to the email screen with the files attached.


I expect to have it put together sometime next week.


This is currently an internal design to fill the need, but if there is a lot of need for this then we can make it one of our offerings.


I think it's just dumb that it isn't built in already.




Hello from Toronto!
I am wondering if a solution was ever developed for this?
My users would also like to send an email from a custom object, but choose which attachments (from the objects notes & attachments) they would like to include. 
I understand the benefits of COntent and Documents, but I still need a solution for this specific scenario. All help appreciated!