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How to send email every 3 day by workflow?

There are some opportunities with email address and email message.

I want to send to email addresses in these opportunities every 3 days.

I created a custom field in opportunity, which is MOD(today()-createDate(), 3).

The workflow is created as sending email when this mod field is 0.


But this workflow only run when the opportunity is created or edit. I can not edit every opportuinty every day. Can I make the workflow run, even if opportunity is not edited?

Rasmus MenckeRasmus Mencke
Have you tried to use Time-Based workflow instead of normal workflow rules?

Workflow rules cannot kick off other workflows. For example if you have a workflow that updates a field and you have a workflow configured to kick off on that field edit, then it will not.


There are some soultions for external schedulers on the App exchange. You can check out chronkit. It is free as well. 

, can you give me a sample for this schedulers?

Heres the link to the toll on the App Exchange