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Trigger / Workflow Information

I'm having some odd issues once in a while with either a trigger or a workflow rule not running correctly. Not exactly sure what's going on at the moment, but solving the problem is not my question for here.


What I'm wondering is, is there a way to capture a log of what happens within an organization for some period of time?  I believe I can capture a DEBUG log for a single user, but is there anything that would allow me to capture the data for all users?  I'm not going to get the information I want unless I know all the triggers and workflows that are running regardless of user.  I'd be happy to limit it to a certain object type (ie, Leads) if that was needed, but single users aren't going to work (unless I can capture the data in multiple single user DEBUG logs).


Hi there - I don't think I totally follow the question, but what I would normally do if someone is experiencing errors is to setup a debug for me and then try reproducing the error. If the error only occurs for them, then I would setup the debug log and login as them (they will need to allow this first).


I hope that helps to some degree. Unfortunately you can't setup a 'global' debug to capture everything going on in the system (as far as I'm aware).