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Reg: Limitations of Developer Edition?

1. Can u just explain the limitations in Developer Edition of salesforce?


like ,,,,

Max number of custom objects : 400

Max number of fields per a custome object : 500


like that please give complete notes regarding to limitations.....


2. What are the difference between all editions in salesforce? & which edition is most preferable to use?




please reply....






Hi Rao,


After you log-in to your Salesforce instance(say,developer edition), click on 'Help' link in top-right corner.

Enter "Salesforce.com Editions and Limits" and click "Go". The second link under 'Help Topics Found' section is the answer for your question number 1 & 1st part of 2.

----- OR -------

Click on the following link and enter your developer username and password.



The edition depends basically on your requirement. If the customization is achievable in point-and-click mechanism the recommended is PE(Professional Edition). If you want to achieve some more complex functionalities then Enterprise or Unlimited is better. For each edition there are limitations. So keeping those in mind you can prefer one of them.