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What is main difference between Master-Detailed & Look up relationships? tell me its limitations in Developer Edition?



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The difference between a lookup and master-detail relationship is that of  optional and required.

If an object A is linked to an object B via lookup relationship with lookup then the linkage of  record B  becomes optional.

If an object A is linked to an object B via master - detail relationship then the linkage of  record B  becomes required/ imperative.


Also if a child object B is linked to a master object A via master-detail then:-

1. One can have fields of type Rollup Summary on the master object which can calculate count , sum , min, max from the linked child objects records.

The same cannot be done when the relation is that of type lookup.


2. Also in case master-detail relationship deleting the parent automatically deletes the child records but in case of lookup related records are not deleted and it leads to the creation of orphan records.


Also the relation between master-detail and lookup is not impacted by the type of org, if it is :-

1. Enterprise

2. Developer

3. Unlimited



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