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Field Update

I applied a field update on one field?


I applied another field update on fieldupdated field? like...


My requirement is,

If marks>500     ----------> result is : pass (this is field updated message)


If result is : pass then status : congrats (this is field updated message)

That means, i applied 2 field updates in my application. One field update (status) is depending on another field update (pass)...

But here the first field update alone is working. But the second field update is not working....

I would like to update both ?...



can you help me about this....










Are you doing both the updates in a single workflow? 

Ideally in your scenario, whenever the result is  : pass the status has to be set to "Congrats" so why not modify the field Status to a formula field where you can put a condition:-

if(result = "pass" , "Congrats", "")


Or you can have both the field updates in a single workflow rule as if marks > 500, result will be pass and status will be congrats.



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