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Need Help customizing Quote Name to Auto-Populate with customized number

Is there any way to alter the Quote Name so that it auto-populates with a number?


I see there is Quote Name and Quote Number standard fields, but I'm unable to alter any of them.  Ideally, I would want to change the Quote Name to Quote Number with an auto-number with a specific format.


We do not want our users to worry about the naming convention of the quote.  So, I removed the quote number and I'm trying to figure out a way to have the Quote Name auto-populate with a number, but it's not as easy as I thought.


Any work arounds out there?  I've also looked into field update rules to update the Quote Name with a custom Quote Number field, but it still requires the user to enter something into the Quote Name field when creating a new one.


Thanks in advance!

John De SantiagoJohn De Santiago

The only thing I can think of is to default the quote name for the user. It has to be generated from the opportunity so maybe you could just pass in a url parameter to default the name to the Opportunity name.


It means overriding the new button and redirecting by adding a nooverride=1 paramater and a name={!Opportunity.Name} parameter. It has to be on the page but least the users can ignore the field and go about adding the other information required.


Thanks John,


I got as far as creating the visualforce page and overriding the New Quote button to open the page, which contains the Quote Name field only for now.  I also did some research on passing the parameter values like you explained, but could not understand exactly how to do it. Here is another post that address my same problem.


Am I correct in creating the Visualforce page?  How would I pass the opportunity name to the quote name? Would I add an extension on the page and perform the nooverride=1 parameter in a controller? or could I achieve it another way?


Thanks again for your help.