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What are the best practices for managing page layouts in a managed package?

We have a managed package that is marketed thru the AppExchange and on our website via Trialforce.  When we make changes to Page Layouts and release a new Managed Package, the upgrade process does NOT change the Page Layout in the customer org (clearly it's not suppposed to...).


Does anyone have reccomendations on any best practices to have customers adopt the new page layouts?  I thought of including new revisions for the page layouts that are prefixed with the version #.  If I do this, then the user will have to reassign all the Page Layouts by Profile.  This could be a lot of work.  Alternatively, I can explain what new functionality is available on the object and how the user should then make appropriate page layouts in their org.  This is my current approach.  Does anyone have any better way to accomplish?




Mike Edwards




Hi Mike,

I think your current approach is better and easier for the user to understand.

You are doing what one might categorize as release notes - wherein you are explaining your new features and guiding the user of how to make that available to them.

I think it  involves an effort on part of the product release team , but it is an effort worth making , and will have happy clients.


Hope that helps.