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Mass update of opportunity stage

Is there a way to do a mass update of opportunity stages? I have over 150 opportunities (for different accounts) that need to be closed. These are left-overs from when we started using saleforce and no one could remember to close the opportunities.

I looked at the appexchange and there is an app for mass updating opportunity close dates, but not stage.


Ozz54001 wrote:
Is there a way to do a mass update of opportunity stages?

If you can isolate all of the records you want to update with a query, you should be able to export them with the Data Loader, then update the "stage" value in your export file, then use the data loader again to update the records. I do updates like this frequently with the data loader, and it works fine.
Michael TomarMichael Tomar
Skyvia cloud platform offers perfect tools for automating opportunities stage update, take a look at this tutorial: https://skyvia.com/blog/top-3-ways-to-mass-update-salesforce-records
This is how I would query it in SQL (https://skyvia.com/gallery/salesforce-mass-update-opportunities-stage):
UPDATE Opportunity
StageName = 'New_StageName'
StageName = 'Old_StageName'