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Skype call button for contacts - solutions and more questions

I was able to create a nice call button for intializing skype calls to contacts. Add a field called 'Skype_Name' to the contacts object. Then create a formula field with the following;

IF(OR(ISNULL({!Skype_Name__c}),LEN({!Skype_Name__c}) < 1) , "" , HYPERLINK("callto://"& {!Skype_Name__c} ,IMAGE("http://download.skype.com/share/skypebuttons/buttons/call_blue_transparent_70x23.png", "Skype Call")))

If the person's skype name field is blank nothing appears. Otherwise it shows a small skype icon with a link that opens skype and starts calling your contact. Works in IE and Firefox.

Here's the question I need help with. Skype lists other methods rather than using callto:\\ . See http://share.skype.com/tools_for_sharing/skype_buttons/advanced_skype_buttons/

So according to that page I should be able to replace callto:\\ with skype: in the formula above. But that does not work. I get #ERROR where the image should be. After much trial and error I found that the Hyperlink formula will not accept skype: within the URL. (I also tried skype:// as a variation to no avail) I'd like to be able to add additional buttons to initiate chats and file transfers as described in Skype's page.

Unfortunately it seems to be an issue with the Hyperlink function not the syntax I'm using. The image formula help even illustrates an example similar to what I'm doing using Yahoo's IM.

HYPERLINK("ymsgr:sendIM?" & {!Yahoo_Name__c}, IMAGE("http://opi.yahoo.com/online?u=" & {!Yahoo_Name__c} & "&m;=g&t;=0", "Yahoo"))

That ymsgr: tag works fine but not skype:. Anyone have any ideas? It would seem odd if Salesforce didn't allow that function to use the skype tab since Skype provided an app for the exchange (which I couldn't get to work btw. One issue at a time though.).

Also as a gift, here's another great skype formula. Skype is beta testing a presence awareness server. This formula will create an image field that shows a contact's skype status.

IF(OR(ISNULL({!Skype_Name__c}),LEN({!Skype_Name__c}) < 1) , "n/a" , HYPERLINK("callto://"& {!Skype_Name__c} ,IMAGE("http://mystatus.skype.com/"& {!Skype_Name__c} & "/smallclassic"
, "Skype Call")))

Right now it only shows an image that says 'I'm not telling'. I assume when the service goes live this will work perfectly. See skype's website for more info on tweaking this. http://share.skype.com/sites/devzone/2006/01/skypeweb_beta_is_here.html
Ron HessRon Hess
I also had a hard time getting the current version of Skype working until i
discovered that the current version of Cisco Security Agent and Skype are
not compatable. The fix is to get the most recent version of Cisco Security Agent, 5.0 i believe.

without that fix, the skype client closes down when you try to call or save a setting.

For anyone else who is trying this, Eric's second formula (the one that shows status) works with just a small tweak...


IF(OR(ISNULL( Skype_name__c ),LEN(Skype_name__c ) < 1) , "n/a" , HYPERLINK("callto://"& Skype_name__c ,IMAGE("http://mystatus.skype.com" & "/smallclassic/" & Skype_name__c, "Skype Call")))


didn't intend to include a winking smiley face!  the last part should be:


"Skype Call" followed by 3 closing parentheses


Hi Everyone,


I played with this some more and now have been able to have a call and chat button/image beside each other in 1 field:


IF(OR(ISNULL( SkypeName__c ),LEN(SkypeName__c ) < 1) , "n/a" , HYPERLINK("skype:"& SkypeName__c & "?call" ,IMAGE("http://mystatus.skype.com/smallicon/" & SkypeName__c, "SkypeCall",16,16)) & HYPERLINK("skype:"& SkypeName__c & "?chat" ,IMAGE("http://www.ifrmonitoring.us/images/SkypeChat.png", "Chat",16,16)))


The ifrmonitoring URL above is simply hosting the little skypechat image I made. Technically you can point it to any image. The 16,16 reference is to make the images (regardless of their size) able to fit on the row with text so that it doesn't bulk up the rows. 

Andrew Smith 88Andrew Smith 88
is there a way to make this into a button as i am getting the 'IF is not defined' Error while using it as a button