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Account field API access

I'm sure there is a good answer for this question but I have not been able to find it myself yet . . .

I would like to query the billing postal code field on the Account object. In the sForce Explorer tool it appears that this field is exposed via the API. I also see this field specified in my WSDL:

However, when I try to write code to pull it I get errors about BillingPostalCode not being an Account object property. If I go into Sales Force setup and look at the Account fields list, I see a "Billing Address" field with type "Address." I guess I'm confused.

Any pearls of wisdom?


Message Edited by Rich on 01-30-2006 09:24 AM

(Only partial answer)
BillingPostalCode is a real item, and is updatable. The UI exposes the entire set of address fields as a single entity, even though the storage ... and the api elements ... are the detailed items. As you did in your WSDL, you can see these in the sforce explorer.
That said, I can't interpret your error -  others?
Could you provide more info on what language and environment you are using?
Well, just for peace of mind I went ahead and got a fresh copy of my WSDL and updated it in my application. Now all appears to be working fine.

My bad. I aplogize for wasting anyone's time.