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Calculated Fields


I have a data replication application that uses the last modified date and time to get a delta of changed records since the last run of the application.
I've noticed that when I update a formula on a calculated field, the last modified date and time and the system modified stamp does not get updated when the records have been recalculated with the new value.

Can someone from Salesforce confirm this for me and if so what a suggested solution might be to get these records?

Thanks in advnace!
Gareth DaviesGareth Davies
From what you say it seems that you have not modified the record, only the formula. The underlying information has not changed.

Why not record the formulas that you have applied at a given date then you can always recalculate the correct information as it would have been viewed.

Since the calculated field is a "view" on to the underlying data, I would not expect that changing the field formula would be recorded as a modification of the data.