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"The download of the specified resource failed" error...

Just wondering what, if anything, I'm doing wrong that would cause this with AJAX.

If I do a pretty big query or run a lot of data with javascript, I'll get this from time to time. Any way around it?

I've not seen that one. Is it repeatable?
No, it's sporadic but really only happens when I'm running through a big loop with a lot of data. I'm guessing it's happened 5 times this week that I've seen with a particular s-control. As far as I know, there's only one s-control I made that does it from time to time. If you want I could send you the non-s-control version of the file to see if it happens for you.

Any chance that anyone has solved this riddle?  I am having the same problem.  It occurs randomly when I am making query calls.  It seems to freeze up for about 30 seconds and then throws this error at me.