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query question

does anyone know if it's possible to query (via the sforce connector or some other way) all contacts whose addresses dont match their associated account addresses?

any help would be much appreciated

thank you

If nothing else it wouldn't be very hard to hack up an Ajax S-Control which, when referred to by a custom link, simply does the needed queries, does the joins, and presents the results as an html table.
Steve Bower.

It depends on the data volumes involved.
If there are 100,000 contacts in the system then ajax/your browser will probably timeout or blow up before it's finished. If there's a lot of data and it's a once off or occasional data cleansing operation then you might be better of writing a CLI to pull the data into database and using an SQL outer join or similiar to find the rogue records.
If there's <10,000 records or so, then you might consider pushing the data into a CSV and using Excel