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annual revenue formula

I need a little help.  Can any one provide a custom formula that would give me a "rolling 12 month" annual revenue for and account.  Thank you.
Gareth DaviesGareth Davies

Can you clarify :

1. In what development environment do you want to get this to work. ?

2. What do you mean by revenue - do you mean sum of won opportunities or sum of contract values or someother method?



Thanks for the reply.
I want to have a field in the account screen that will reflect the sales "closed-won" for the past 12 months.  My plan was to use this field to develop reports that each rep would be able to summarize in descending order of their top accounts. 

Could you not simply 

1. write closed/won custom report for the period.

2. put a custom link in the Account page layout that refers to this report?

The problem is that there's no "Last 12 Months" or even "Current and last 3 FQ" choices in the dropdown box. I wonder if the time period could be passed as a variable in the URL?





we did that but we want to run  a report that is descends using the annual revenue- therefore prioritizing the #1 Revenue account for the last 12 months, then the #2 account etc.  Even if I didn't have a "rolling twelve" to work with, a formula to utilizing annual revenue for accounts would work to generate that descending "annual revenue" report.  Shoot me that formula if you have it.





I'm also interested in a "rolling 12 months" report window.  I'm creating some business development reports for a client, and they want to see the opportunity pipeline on a graph, with a bar for each stage, stacked by opportunity owner.  That's the easy part.  They only want data from the past 12 months, ROLLING. 

They also want to see the total dollar value in a given pipeline stage, with one bar for each of the past 12 months, ROLLING as well.

Any help and input would be greatly appreciated.




I am trying to find a solution to a similar issue.  I need to calculate the trailing 12 month rev captured in a custom object.  There are no reporting or formula functions that will allow me to get to data in a rolling 12 month period.


has anyone found a creative solution to this issue yet?  I'd love to hear it :)




I was able to create a formula for an Opportunity report for a rolling 12-month report, it should also work for a Trailing Twelve Month. 


First, create a custom object with a formula.  I called mine Rolling Date


The formula was:


IF(End_Date__c<=TODAY() +365, 1, 0)



In English, if the End Date of our opportunity is greater than or equal to Today's date plus 365 (days), return 1 if true, and 0 if false.



THEN: when creating the report I just filter by the names of the folks I want to include and Rolling Date equals 1.


The formula wont work for Text, it has to be Number. 


It works great, and I assume that by changing the + 365 to a - 365 it will create a TTM report. 


I can't believe that there's no Next 365 or Last 365 in the drop-down for report duration.



I think you can get a TTM Opportunity report without creating any fields.


Run a report on all Opportunities and apply a custom filter as follows:


Close Date  equals  LAST 365 DAYS


Hope this helps.