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Sorting Resources Based Upon Client Requests while on a Phone Call

We are about to roll out a destination management service (i.e. 500 ppl coming to NYC for a week's conference & need entertainment, transportation, hotels, etc.) as an addition to our current services we provide. We have a long list of resources for each category a client will want: many different preferred restaurants, Broadway & off-Broadway shows, the best transportation vendors, preferred hotels, etc. Each of those categories has many different contacts categorized by price level, capacity they can handle, etc. (i.e. does the client want Italian, French, Russian, and at what price range).


As we speak to a client we want to "check off" Italian food no more than $45 per dish and with a capacity of 150 seats while on the phone with a client. The system then lists or prepares a report with all resources that fall within that specific criteria.


What approach should we take to creating functionality within Salesforce to sort through our mass of information based upon the specifics a client desires & their budget can handle? We need ideas before we load all our resource info into Salesforce in all it's specific entirety (price per plate, type of food, amount of people they can transport, luxury hotel or boutique hotel, etc.).


Thank you!