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Apex Data Loader vs. API Calls

Does using the Apex Data Loader app count against my allotted number of API calls?  It didn't seem to before, but I used it yesterday for some mass updates to my data and I hit the API ceiling this morning.





The data loader has always used the API to connect to SFDC as far as I'm aware. Have you recently lowered your batch size or something?


I kinda figured it would, but about a month ago I had to run a ton of updates that would have been waaaaay beyond my 25k in calls.  But they all ran.


Yesterday the only tweak I made to the data loader was to enable the 'send null values' checkbox.


Would using Batch mode in the Data Loader help to reduce the API usage, or is a call a call?  Batch is mostly there to speed up the processing of large files, correct?


If you're hitting a limit with your API calls, you might be able to tweak your using of Data Loader.


First, there is Batch Size. Using larger batches might reduce the number of API calls. (Although I'm not 100% sure on that.)


Secondly, you could consider using Incremental updates rather than 'full' loads. You didn't provide any information about what you're doing via the API, so I'm not sure if this is relevant, but Data Loader keeps track of the last date that jobs run, and you can use that value in SQL calls to a database. For example, I have a system where the Data Loader extracts data from my database and uploads it to Salesforce. I only extract records that have changed since the last run.