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Business Plan App

Does anyone have a reccomendation for a Business Plan App?


Currently our sales reps are creating yearly business plans in word and excel. I would liketo get them embedded into salesforce.com. We currently utilize account plans and account strategies (from the app exchange) I would like a yearly plan that tied it all together, linked to a particular user and included text fields for written goals and focuses.


I have not found anything that meets this need as of yet, but wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks.




May be you have already thought this ---

If its just another new object in salesforce --- Creating a custom object with required page layout, text fields and giving access to profiles to which required users are added will do.

If you need any data from account plans and account strategies you can customize the fields on businessplan object (lookups, w/fs , triggers)



Maybe take a look at getting the plans written up in google docs, and link these into SF. You might also want to check out SF content if you haven't already but that is more of a repository and won't allow you to make 'inline edits'