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Custom Links are not showing up in an edit page layout



I have created a custom link with Display type as "Detail Page Link". But while modifying the page layout, when i tried dragging that custom link on to the detail page layout, it reverts back i.e. it does not get saved in an editable section, or if it get saved inside a section that has only (Detail Page is checked inside the properties of that section), it do not get appear while creating a new and/or editing the existing record.

My requirement is to add a custom link on to the detail page and that should get appear while creating or editing the records.

Please let me know if anything else is required from my side. It has really become an important issue to resolve.


Custom links are displayed in in Detail page only and for sections which are visible in detail mode.

So you won't be able to achieve your requirement via configurationj , probably you should write custom Visual Force page to implement your functionality.


Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved.




Thanks for this, anyway


but.. i have one standard opportunity page layout, and on that page layout itself i need a button to upload a file, while page is in editable mode.


i have created a custom link and using that link i can attach a file, and that link is even getting displayed on the page layout. But gets disappear while the page is in editable mode.


I hope i am now able to make clear anout my issue.


Please suggest if there is any possible solution for this.