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De-Dupe and Merging

Hi There,


Question on De Dupes and Merging


Right now I am able merge only 3 records although the SFDC pulls as many dupes as an email id will have (for eg if emaild id jack.jill@free.com has 20 dupes it pulls all of it, but unfortunaltely allows me to merge only 3 records at a time. Is there a code or a free tool available were i can merge one set of duplicate id's at a one stretch.


Could you also suggest a way to run/create a de dupe report in SDFC itself .There is no field in SDFC about dupes but only a button is available on the lead page which says find duplicates.


Can any one help?







Hi Jabz,


Unfortunately the salesforce merge functionality has some fundamental limitations. I know you're looking for a free solution but I will recommend you take a look at Demandtools from CRM fusion - offers far greater functionality and does a good job if you have 'serious' data quality issues. Perhaps try the appexchange for free options?


You can write a program which uses the Merge call in the api to do this.


Search the API docs for merge().  Of course, this is assuming you're interested in coding the solution (not trivial.)


Dupe Blocker by CRMFusion is a cool tool and from what I hear it's affordable although not free.


Good luck.