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Sales Force Underlying Technology?

Hello All,


I am curious as to what Programming Environment Sales Force was created in. From the discussions I reviewed in the forum I see that it uses "Oracle" database for data storage. What Programming language was used in creating the CRM itself? Was it Java?


Again, I realize there is an API out there and that Developers use APEX and SOQL. I am just asking this out of curiosity for my general knowledge of the system.





Hi Pedram,


You're correct about the DB - they use Oracle. As for the rest... SF use various technologies. You probably want to take a look at the video on to this post which goes into more detail: http://www.forcedotcom.com/2010/05/where-are-salesforcecom-data-centres.html

Thank you for posting the video. It was very informative as far as the overall infrastructure of Sales Force. It did not however talk about the actual programming languages used to create sales force components (i.e. is it JSP, Java, PHP, ASP.NET or something else). Thanks, Pedram
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