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Task field update



Having a problem updating a custom field in a Task.  I created a field called Time Zone, that I want to update with the field Time Zone from a Lead, when created or edited.  When I try and write a formula, I get an error that the field Lead does not exist.  Here's my formula.  It works with the Account Field "Time Zone", but not the Lead Field.  Please help.


if (Id <> null,  {!Lead.Time_Zone__c}, {!Lead.Time_Zone__c})


Thank you.


There's no Lead field on Task.  Instead there's a field called WhoId.  This is because Task can be related to either a Contact or a Lead (as well as Account/Opportunity).  If you'd like to read more, check out:




The short story is you can't access fields in Lead from Task in formula fields.


You can update a field in task through trigger.


The sample code is for updating the description field of task on creating a new task using values in address field of the lead object.


                                                trigger CopyLeadInformation on Task (before insert)


                                                                list<id> WhoIds = new list<id>();

                                                                for (Task t : trigger.new)


                                                                list<Lead> leadList = [select id,Company,Street,State,City,Phone,PostalCode from Lead where id in :WhoIds];

                                                                map<id, Lead> leadMap = new map<id, Lead>();

                                                                for(Lead l : leadList)

                                                                leadMap.put(l.id, l);

                                                                for (Task tsk : trigger.new)



                                                                                if (leadMap.containsKey(tsk.Whoid))


                                                                                                Lead l = leadMap.get(tsk.Whoid);

                                                                                                system.debug('>>>>>>>>>>' +l.id);  

                                                                                                tsk.Description = tsk.Description + '\n'+ l.Company + '\n' + l.Street +'\n'+

                                                                                                l.City + ', ' + l.State + ' ' + l.PostalCode + '\n' +  l.Phone;

                                                                                                system.debug('>>>>>>>>>>' + tsk.Description);





Hope this helps.