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Converting other then leads

My Organization needs multiple custom applications that will have different custom objects.  



By default Salesforce.com has the following objects, Lead, Account, Opportunity.

We are interested in creating separate applications for each one of sales teams.



Currently we have 3 sales teams…Enterprise Sales, Graduate Sales, Observation Sales.

We want to create separate applications for each sales teams, along with separate “forms” aka….objects and fields..


We would like to set up the Graduate Sales team with the following objects.


Inquires, Students, and Courses


The following are true.  Inquires are equal to leads, students are equal to accounts and courses are equal to opportunities.

The issue we are running into is, “Convert” is not a standard button on a custom Object.  We have no way to convert Inquiry data over to Students and Courses.


I know by default this solution is built into Salesforce.com.  however I do not see this feature on custom objects and I cannot view the syntax of this button  on the default Lead Object.


Is this possible to solve.  Am I able to see the syntax and overview of how this is accomplished by the convert button on the Leads object?



Conversion can simply be seen as closing that particular object for editing, and creating another allied object based on the first object which capitalizes on the inputs provided by the first object.

Eg. when a lead is 'CONVERTED', all it does is create an account for the lead, and optionally give opportunity as output so that we can add products ino the opportunity which increase business for the customer.


To view the code what is present at backend, i dont think its possible..but, what u can do is create objects like what u want, and give the users to create records which in turn can be locked and get other object's records created from them..


In theory that is what we would like to do.


It look like in the salesforce code editor when creating a button I cannot do insert statements.  Without the ability to insert or copy from a record to another record or multiple records I am not sure how this is possible.


I guess that part of your response I am not understanding is this section


"and give the users to create records which in turn can be locked and get other object's records created from them.."


Can you please clarify or possible site examples?








Is it really necessary for you to create a custom functionality for this?

If the objective is just to give each user separate space and not let them intefere in each other's records you can actually go for territory based hierarchy and make the security settings as private. This way each user in a particular region will have their own records which will not be shared across all the regions. I hopethis is useful.

The true problem is with employees in this company adopting a product that does not use the sales terms that they use in their process.   We are trying to eliminate the use of words like accounts and call our accounts and leads names like inquires, students, learners, observers. etc.  The issue we are running into is with the tabs.  The VP of Sales and COO do not want see leads accounts opportunities.  They want to see custom tab names relating to each team's sales process. I can accomplish this through custom objects.  I do not understand how converting from one object to another this difficult.   It's simple data mapping and insert statements in SQL Server.  It should be built into Salesforce  especially when they repeatable state that custom objects behave just like standard objects.  this is proof that they do not, since all standard buttons on standard objects are not available on custom objects.