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Restricting access to Opportunities



I have a few SF users that should be able to view all Accounts, but, these users should only be allowed to view Opportunities that are owned by members of this group.  In other words, this small group of users should NOT be able to view Opportunities in the system that belogn to anyone outside the group.


Is this possible?  I've tested this using sharing rules and everything I can think of but nothing is working.  Any solutions would be much appreciated.


Thanks a lot.  


Hi ,  

I think you are in the correct direction by the sharing rule and public group.  Only one thing , make sure that the  Organization-Wide Defaults ( administration Set  Up à Security Control àSharing Setting) is Private for the Opportunity Object and the Corresponding Profile does not have Modify All / View All permission both in the  Administrative Permissions and for the Opportunity Object. 



Dinesh Nasipuri


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