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IP address range for Sandbox

I am working on white listing salesforce ip ranges so that requests from SalesForce can get through our company firewall. Got the range for PROD. What is the range for Sandboxes? Can't seem to find it anywhere. Please help.
The IP Ranges for each data center are listed in the online help. there's no separate range for sandbox.
Marc C.Marc C.

It's not quite as simple as looking in the online help though that's a good start:

  1. East Coast Data Center (set one)
  2. East Coast Data Center (set two)
  3.  MidWest Data Centers
  4.  MidWest Data Centers
  5. West Coast Data Center (set one)
  6. West Coast Data Center (set two)
  7.  Japan Data Center


However I am seeing requests coming from (using http://requestb.in) which is not documented...


If anyone sees this they should notice that 10.x.x.x addresses are from private range of addresses and this address is internal gw or proxy address. If this is the case use x-forwarded-for header value to resolve the originating IP.