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Possible to pull a value from an edit screen into a home page custom link?

Is it possible to pull a value from an object's edit screen into a custom sidebar link?  My scenario is that I want to pass a value from the object into a report parameter, to help a user gather  more information when filling out a case.  Specifically, I want to pass the Case's Account ID into the pv0 parameter for the report.  Thanks!


You can use custom report Links. More information



Thanks.  I know how to do this from a custom link on an object, but is it possible to do a sidebar custom link that will pull an ID that is on the current edit page?  So I am in the middle of creating a case, and want to look something up and pass the Account ID?  This same formatting doesn't seem to work on the sidebar--the pv0 is getting passed as iterally{!Case.AccountId}. Is there a different formatting I can use? 


Thanks for your help.