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Problem with javascript button click calling an apex class

I am getting a problem with javascript on button click.

I am invoking an Apex class by passing Id's as parameters.

Before this button works fine.

After the Summer'11 release, its not working.

sforce.apex.execute(null) alert pops out.

If I refresh the page, it works well. 

It occurs often.



I cannot understand Y this happens!!!!! 



Is anyone facing  the smae problem?




We face such issues at times after the release , once one of my grids for a product started failing, I had to make minor changes in the code to make it work normally.

At times one need not do anything and the issue gets resolved on its own, but at times you need to inform salesforce via by dropping an email at support@salesforce.com detailing the issue faced by you - also you can create a case in your org for support from salesforce, more often than not your issue will be resolved.