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Opportunity workflow email alert

I'm trying to put together a work flow that will send an email alert to a specific user when an opportunity in his region has been inactive for 2 months. The user wants to keep track of opportunites that are "inactive" what this means if the opportunity stage or an activity has not been recorded within two months we wnat it to send an email alert to him.


What will be the best way of doing this for individual opportunities. I was thinking of a workflow, but the activity is a related object on the opportunity, so how will I put that into the workflow. Basically i want the workflow to fire if the stage has not changed in two months or if an activity has not been logged. If one or the other has changed or modified then the workflow will not fire.


Any help/suggestions will be appreciated.


Thank you


I dont beleive this is possible as a workflow triggered at the saving of the record. And it doesn't really fit the time based module that is native in SFDC.


What your looking for is that if the status is not a closed status (Won or Lost) and the last modified date is 60 days out to send the e-mail, the issue is the workflow will not trigger at the 60 day mark to catch it...


What we have done for our paid support contract is to create a object with one record and wrote apex code behide it so that when we update the only record to retrive and save, it triggers the apex code to search for all support contacts that are about to expire  within a 15 day period and then creates a task for the owner of the support program to follow up.


Confused yet :-P